Kananaskis Country

  • As early as 1902, parts of Kananaskis Country were included in the Rocky Mountain National Park (now Banff National Park).  This land was removed in 1911.  It was eventually turned over to the Government of Alberta in 1930.
  • Calgary architect and environmentalist Bill Milne challenged the government to consult the public about the highway upgrade. Through Mr. Milne, the Government of Alberta received over 48,000 responses to a survey about the future of the eastern slopes.  The majority supported creating a large protected area.
  • Many say Mr. Milne and Minister Copithorne convinced former Premier Peter Lougheed to create Kananaskis Country with a single helicopter flight over the Kananaskis Lakes.  It can easily be argued that simply seeing the magnificent ranges and valleys, the endless forests and rushing waters was all the convincing the Premier needed…
  • In 1978, Premier Peter Lougheed officially dedicated Kananaskis Country and Kananaskis Provincial Park (now Peter Lougheed Provincial Park).

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