Trip Log

Following is a list of trip reports ordered by date, with the most recent first. Although the vast majority of trips listed here are summits, this is not a ‘summit list’. I don’t track a list of all my summits anymore – it’s not important to me how many summits I’ve obtained versus how many canoe trips or hikes or other activities I’ve enjoyed. After chasing and completing one list of objectives in my life I’ll never again make what I do for fun on weekends and holidays a tick list of stuff to get done and over with. That defeats the whole point of the exercise for me.

The easiest way to browse for scrambles vs. hikes, vs. canoe trips or whatever, is either through the search feature or even easier, by clicking on tags at the bottom of each post. For example if click on the “OT4” tag at the bottom of my Odlum Ridge report, you’ll get a list of all OT hikes or ski trips with that difficulty rating.