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Ferenc ascends easy terrain on the south ridge of Mount King Edward with incredible views of Mount Columbia to the south and the Chess Group to the southwest.

I spend way a LOT time on this website. It’s a passion and a hobby for me and I love reliving and reworking previous trip reports with updated photos and styles as I continually rework things. Lately I’ve been on a bit of a tear with some of my longer 11000er trips, adding more photos and changing the way I link to my photography site (verndewit.com). All of these updates take me many hours of work so I thought I’d publish this page highlighting recently updated trip reports for you to enjoy all over again. This page has also been added to the main menu at left under the top 10 page.

Trips are ordered by the date I’ve last modified them, with the more recent being first and the last 100 updates being displayed. The date in brackets behind the title is the date of the trip.