Rummel Ridge

Summit Elevation (m): 2459
Elevation Gain (m): 600
Round Trip Time (hr): 3.5
Total Trip Distance (km): 6.5
Quick ‘n Dirty Rating: Class 1/2 – you fall, you sprain something – i.e. your ego
Difficulty Notes: No major difficulties other than possible trail breaking in loose, unconsolidated snow.
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Technical Rating: OT1; YDS (Skiing)
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After taking some time away from summits after my busiest year yet in the Rockies, I felt it was time to stand on a (named) high point again. I was supposed to work Wednesday, December 23 but decided at the last minute that I didn’t feel like it. 🙂 The weather was cold enough to dissuade me from anything too aggressive plus I was going to be doing a solo trip so I had to choose something fairly conservative. The “something” ended up being Rummel Ridge via a different route than Nugara’s snowshoeing book.

Rummel Ridge Route Map

This trip is described very well by both Matt and Bob but I still managed to screw up a bit. I didn’t realize Matt had updated his first trip report and didn’t follow the obvious ski / shoe track nearly far enough up the drainage between The Tower and Mount Engadine. This resulted in some extra exercise, which I didn’t mind but be forewarned that you want to go almost up to the valley leading between The Tower and Rummel Ridge before crossing the stream. I was following flagging and old tracks most of the way but the south side of the drainage sucks. Don’t bother with it – even if you don’t have tracks.

There was hardly a breath of wind at the top, but just enough to force me back into the trees after taking in the great views of so many familiar peaks. I stopped for a hot cup of coffee on the way down. Sitting there with only one lonely bird to keep me company, I reflected on how lucky I was to be enjoying such a cold, still and clear day high up in a random drainage of my beloved Rocky Mountains. There were no distractions and no sounds as I sipped my coffee and munched on a Tim Horton’s breakfast sandwich – other than the little bird that didn’t seem to mind my company. When my toes started to chill I reluctantly bid the bird a “Merry Christmas” and continued quickly down the trail back to my truck. 

One more glace towards Spray Lake before plunging back into the trees.

I will be back in this area with my skis – Rummel Ridge could easily be a ski objective which I didn’t realize when I ‘shoed it. There are many options for safe skiing up that drainage, although Tony Daffern does reference a fatality that occurred near here in his excellent book on Avalanche Safety so be aware that not all the slopes surrounding Rummel Ridge are as benign as the ‘shoe track.

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