How many 11,000er’s are there?

I’ll state up front that while I love climbing the 11,000er’s and plan on climbing most of them if my health stays reasonable, I have no desire to pursue the “list” of 54 (58?!) that several people have completed and more are currently working on. If I ever do complete this list it will be more by accident than with any intent. I’m done with climbing ‘lists’ and simply want to get out and enjoy the Rockies as much as I can. Lists are good in that they give us something to focus on but I also love getting out and climbing stuff that nobody else cares about – or most have never even heard of!

While browsing the web I recently came across a four part series on the topic of the 11,000 foot (and higher) peaks in the Rockies which I thought were interesting enough to share here.

  1. Part I – A Revision to the List?
  2. Part II – A Revised List
  3. Part III – Another Tall,000 Tale
  4. Part IV – Why Do We Climb What We Climb?

Gérard Lachapelle is a retired geomatics engineering professor and has written an interesting guest post at kananaskistrails.com about the accuracy of mountain heights in Kananaskis. Dr. Lachapelle has asked me to share his email address for any parties interested in tramping up a peak and measuring it’s height more accurately. You can contact him at gerard.lachapelle@ucalgary.ca.

4 thoughts on How many 11,000er’s are there?

  1. A lot of the summits in kananaskis received a substantial boost. Who wants to volunteer to take Gerard Lachapelle’s equipment to 1 borderline 11,000 peak each year, so people can ever truly be done the 11,000er list for the next 25 years or so.

    • Hey Peter, I agree that it would be neat to carry this equipment up some of the borderline 11000ers. I have posted this suggestion to the Facebook Group and people seem interested. I hope to do this myself sooner than later on the few near-11000ers that I have left to do. Most of the 11000ers still on my list are well over that mark so I probably won’t bother with the extra weight.

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