Packer's Pass Peak (Skoki Lakes)

After approaching and climbing Mount Drummond in some interesting weather / conditions, Phil Richards and I were ready for a nice relaxing day amongst the larches in the Skoki area of Lake Louise in Banff National Park. We were hoping for warm weather and sunny conditions but we got a mix of sun and cloud and quite cool temperatures.

Vimy Peak

Ah yes. I was due for one of these extremely rare days in Waterton Lakes National Park! What days, you ask? Those rare gems where the wind is manageable and “sunny” actually means you see blue sky and the ball of fire sustaining life on our fragile planet! Oh – and of course those days when you have a route planned out that will take 100% advantage of these conditions.

Sofa Mountain

The weather along the Alberta Rockies was quite dreary for my first week off in September 2015. After doing a fairly intense trip with Ben up Evelyn Peak in Jasper National Park, I came home for a day before setting out in the opposite direction to try my luck in the southern Rockies instead. It's been a long time since I set foot in Waterton National Park - about 6 years to be exact!