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Just in time for spring! This week I want to highlight one of my favorite back country ski tours in Kananaskis Country - the French - Haig - Robertson. You should do it if you haven't, and even if you have, it's one that I'd repeat again. Another fabulous and classic Alberta spring trip has to be the mighty Mount Columbia - one of my top 5 all time trips in the Rockies.

Andromeda, Mount

I wasn't sure that I would manage to summit my last 11,000er on the main Columbia Icefield in the spring of 2016. Rumors were flying around that the Athabasca Glacier approach was toast this year thanks to an extremely warm winter / spring combined with low snow and an serac event that covered the route I've always used through the headwall with tons of ice and snow earlier in the year.

Camp Creek Ridge

I debated labeling Camp Creek Ridge a distinct summit, but due to several factors, I've decided that I'm going to count it separately. The main factor is that while Thrift is accessible from many sides, Camp Creek Ridge isn't. Also, the ridge is pure hiking whereas Thrift is easy scrambling and won't be for everyone. YMMV, but for me these two summits are very different.