Galatea, Little

Originally I was planning to attempt skiing Little Galatea, an outlier of the much larger Mount Galatea. After Matt Clay posted that he and Matt Hobbs had recently spent a considerable amount of energy breaking trail through sugar-snow to the upper ridge, I couldn't resist taking advantage of this on my 'shoes, and I got to spend another day in the hills with my family out of the deal.

Monarch Ramparts, The

Despite a very chilly forecast, Wietse, Bill and I decided that we'd brave the -20 degree temps near Sunshine Village in Banff National Park to give the Monarch Ramparts a go on our skis. Wietse and I had been up Healy Pass Peak almost exactly 2 years  previous and at that time we'd gone up the north end of the Monarch Ramparts, but not far enough to claim the summit which lies towards its south end.

Smart Phone Navigation (iPhone 6s)

Recently, I wrote an article on using your smart phone for photography, especially as it relates to the back country. In this article I want to explore the ability of the smart phone (the iPhone 6s in particular) to navigate in the Canadian Rockies and just about anywhere else. Just as with photography, the modern smart phone's capabilities with navigation are often confusing and misunderstood.