Prince George, Mount

Saturday afternoon was warm and after climbing King George and Princess Mary we had a very hot descent and ascent from the south bivy site to the Prince Albert ("Normal" King George) lower bivy site. This site is huge, I'm sure 20 or 30 people could fit on it! We had it to ourselves and spent the late afternoon resting and preparing for Sunday.

Princess Mary, Mount

After descending the glacier and loose scree of King George's upper mountain, we realized that with a whole afternoon still ahead of us and perfect weather, we should attempt a scramble of Mount Princess Mary. After all, there was no way we were slogging all the way back here again - no matter how beautiful it was! ;)

King George, Mount

The first ascent of King George was in 1919. The second ascent wasn't until 52 years later in 1970! I'm sure this mostly has to do with the demanding and remote approach rather than the climb itself. There are enough possible routes and interesting lines on this mountain that I'm sure if the approach was easier and more accessible there would be many more ascents than there is today.

Joffre, Mount

On the longest day of 2014 Ben, Steven and I hiked into the Aster Lake region to attempt the 11,000er in the region, Mount Joffre. We've been planning this one since May, so it started out as a ski trip and ended up as a snowshoe trip due to the lateness of the attempt. Snowshoes just might be the way to go for this one as it couldn't have gone any better than what we experienced.

Ayesha Peak

Steven and I found ourselves back in the very familiar confines of the Bow Hut / Wapta Icefield approach on Wednesday evening after work on May 7 2014. We were hoping to beat a system moving in the next day by staying at the Bow Hut on Wednesday night.