Smart Phone Photography (iPhone 6s)

With all the incredible advances in smart phone technology over the past few years, there are two in particular that have caught my eye. The first is the GPS capabilities that have been standard for a while now and which I'm currently experimenting with and will blog about soon. The second thing I became interested in after acquiring a new iPhone recently, is the photography and video capabilities of the modern cellphone.


Healy Creek - Simpson Pass - Sunshine

Wietse, Raf and I decided to start the 2015/2016 back country ski season with a fairly tame and straight forward ski tour near the Sunshine ski resort in Banff National Park. As it turns out, the drive to and from the mountains was by far the most dangerous activity of the day for us. On the drive into the park, Wietse's car kept sliding on the icy highway.

Packer's Pass Peak (Skoki Lakes)

After approaching and climbing Mount Drummond in some interesting weather / conditions, Phil Richards and I were ready for a nice relaxing day amongst the larches in the Skoki area of Lake Louise in Banff National Park. We were hoping for warm weather and sunny conditions but we got a mix of sun and cloud and quite cool temperatures.