7th Jul 18

Simpson Ridge (Mount Edmonton)

As of July 2018, Simpson Ridge had been on Phil and my peak hit...
The two lovely tarns sit just east of the Quartz (L) and Fatigue (R) col.
30th Jun 18

Quartz Peak (Little Fatigue)

While standing on many of the peaks lining the Sunshine Meadows area in Banff...
The outlier at right now with "Little" Fatigue in clouds at left.
29th Jun 18

Fatigue Mountain

For some reason, Fatigue Mountain had been on my radar for many years by...
Very dramatic scenery as we continue to navigate the ridge to Fatigue Pass after the storm.
29th Jun 18

Golden Mountain (Fatigue Pass)

After successfully completing my second ascent of the diminutive Citadel Peak (with it's not-so-small...
Looking past the eastern cliffs of Citadel towards Golden Mountain (L) and an outlier of Nub Peak at distant right.
29th Jun 18

Citadel Peak

On a beautiful sunny, wintry May 1, 2011 I was joined by Raf and...
Phil exits the SE gully to the south ridge with stunning views opening up all around us. Birdwood at left with Warre and Vavasour at center-right.
24th Jun 18

Currie, Mount

After our trip up Mount Morrison and Owl Peak earlier in the week, Phil...
Phil scrambles along the summit ridge of Cross Ridge with Mount Currie rising to the left. Warre and Vavasour in between in the distance here.
24th Jun 18

Cross Ridge (Lake, White Man Pass)

As we traversed to the summit of Mount Currie, my eyes were immediately drawn...
Another gorgeous walk in the sky. Byng on the left and Turner on the right.
20th Jun 18

Owl Peak (+ Ridge)

After being only the 6th summit party in the last 31 years to stand...
Holy crap! That's a view! Phil wanders south to the end of the south ridge. The summit is the OTHER WAY Phil.
20th Jun 18

Morrison, Mount

Ever since skiing Mount Turner (Morrison's slightly higher neighbor to the north) in April...
17th Jun 18

Packenham Junior

Since we were camping in the area over the weekend of June 15, I...
A great view looking back near the split in Buller Creek towards Buller Creek Peak.
9th Jun 18

Buller Creek (Pass) Peak

After a sublime day on Mount Denny the day before, I was not keen...
8th Jun 18

Denny, Mount

Mount Denny is no exception to the list of summits I've desired for many...
2nd Jun 18

Ochre Spring Peak

Saturday, June 2 2018 was looking like a mixed bag of Spring weather. Phil...
27th May 18

Lightning Peak (Bolt)

Wietse, Phil, Calvin and I took advantage of yet another great May weather forecast...
25th May 18

Orient Point

On a very warm Friday, May 25, 2018, I finally got to ascend a...
19th May 18

Porcupine Loop, The (Ridge, Tower, Crown, Boundary, Midday, Midnight)

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, Wietse and I finally completed a nice front range...