25th Aug 18

Grizzly Ridge

After bailing on my original plans for the weekend thanks to an unstable weather...
Climbing Junction Mountain.
22nd Aug 18

Junction Mountain (Pyriform Traverse)

After the easy (hot and lengthy) scramble to the summit of Pyriform Mountain and...
Ascending Pyriform Mountain.
22nd Aug 18

Pyriform Mountain

Wietse and I found ourselves with a day off mid-week on August 22, 2018...
17th Aug 18

Tilted Mountain

After a couple of very long and full days spent on a 5th recorded...
16th Aug 18

McConnell, Mount

Mount McConnell is one of those peaks that got onto my mountain list somehow...
The views past The Fang and over the Molar Meadows are worth making the false summit on the ridge. My exit down to NMP at far right here.
13th Aug 18

Fang, The

I somehow convinced Hanneke to join me at least to North Molar Pass and...
4th Aug 18

Woodland Caribou – 2018 Canoe Trip Solo – Onnie Lake

Day 6 was the last day of the group trip and the first day...
30th Jul 18

Woodland Caribou – 2018 Canoe Trip – Adventure Lake

As usual for WCPP over the past few trips, all of our pre-planning kind...
21st Jul 18

Byng, Mount

After a ~900m descent from our Alcantara / Brussilof bivy, I was feeling pretty...
20th Jul 18

Alcantara, Mount

There really wasn't a choice, was there? After a successful, and fun, ascent of Mount...
20th Jul 18

Brussilof, Mount

Somehow, despite planning a trip into the Lyell Icefield to climb the last of...
Great positions on the ridge with views to knock you off your feet (which would kill you)! Fisher Peak at left.
15th Jul 18

Potts, Mount

After scrambling Silverhorn Mountain solo on Friday the 13th of July and going to...
Another small drop before the final slopes to the summit with Peyto Lake showing up at right.
13th Jul 18

Silverhorn Mountain

Long before Andrew Nugara made Silverhorn Mountain much more popular than previously with his...
8th Jul 18

Nestor Peak

Summit Elevation (m): 2965Trip Date: Sunday, July 8, 2018Elevation Gain (m): 2400Round Trip Time (hr): 18Total Trip...
7th Jul 18

Simpson Peak

As we were ascending Simpson Ridge to the NW of Simpson Peak, we kept...
7th Jul 18

Police Meadow & Cabins

For years now I've wondered what the Police Meadows were like. There isn't very...