Catacombs Mountain

Summit Elevation (m): 3330
Elevation Gain (m): 2100
Round Trip Time (hr): 36
Total Trip Distance (km): 60
Quick ‘n Dirty Rating: Class 3 – you fall, you break your leg
Difficulty Notes: A long approach including crossing the Chaba River, bushwhacking and scrambling just to reach the mountain. Loose, steep scrambling to a high ice field from the bivy, that contains many crevasses – bigger than you’d expect.
Technical Rating: MN7; YDS (II)
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YouTube: Click Here

5 thoughts on Catacombs Mountain

  1. Hey, i was just curious if anyone else has climbed Catacombs Mountain since you last climbed it? Not a lot of beta out there. By the way, your website it amazing! Maybe we can hike/scramble/climb together in the future?


      • Hi Vern, I just found your Youtube channel while looking for videos of my preferred less-traveled ways. I was on Catacombs summit alone in the summer of 1986 on a trip I took with my Great Dane. A helpful warden at the Jasper trail office gave me a six night camping permit and all went well on a grand adventure. I found my slides dated 08/86 just now. I can yak more by email if you’re interested. I turn 65 in a week but I’m still getting around roaming as much as I can. Cheers.

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