Crowfoot, Little

Summit Elevation (m): 2800
Elevation Gain (m): 900
Trip Date: February 17 2012
Round Trip Time (hr): 6
Total Trip Distance (km): 16
Quick ‘n Easy Rating: Class 2 – You fall you sprain your wrist. If you’re caught in an avalanche you could also hurt or die.
Difficulty Notes: Winter ascent includes serious avalanche risks. Learn how to manage these risks and perform avalanche burial rescues before attempting this trip.
Technical Rating: OT3; YDS (Skiing)
GPS Track: Gaia
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On Friday, February 17 2012, Wietse and I decided to take the day off work and bag another peak after our great experience on Patterson a week earlier. Originally we were thinking of Mount Gordon. I’ve already skied that peak, but it was -26 with an extreme windchill and no views so I want to repeat it in gorgeous conditions some time. Once we got closer to the date we decided we didn’t want such a long day and settled on Little Crowfoot mountain instead. Wietse didn’t think this was an ‘official’ summit but since Chic Scott mentions it in his guidebook he agreed that it was official enough to bother with.

Little Crowfoot Route Map

The route is exactly the same as for Crowfoot Mountain except you stay climber’s right as much as possible. It was much more of a summit than we expected and came in at a 900 meter height gain from the parking lot! The views were sublime from the top, especially towards Balfour and the southern Wapta peaks. This minor sub peak of Crowfoot Mountain was much more engaging than we expected and I highly recommend it. Our run down was fast and fun.

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