Panther Falls (Jasper National Park)

Round Trip Time (hr): 1
Total Trip Distance (km): 1
Quick ‘n Easy Rating: Class 2 – You fall you sprain something – unless you slip around the falls – than you could easily get seriously hurt or worse.
Difficulty Notes: A very short hike with some severe exposure to get in behind the falls. Only attempt if snow and ice free.
Technical Rating: TL3; YDS (Hiking)
Map: Google Maps

After hiking and scrambling up Boundary Peak near the Columbia Icefields, the kids and I took advantage of a beautiful late summer day and checked out the impressive Panther Falls, located along Nigel Creek near the Bridal Veil Falls parking area off Hwy #93 just uphill from the Big Bend.

Panther Falls Location Map

There is a trail that goes further downhill towards Nigel Creek from the parking area but we didn’t take this one. We sneaked off to our left (north) on a small side trail that took us behind the roaring waterfalls! This was an amazing experience, but there was a small section of trail that made me very nervous, especially when the kids navigated it. A slip or fall here would result in death – no question about it. Take the necessary precautions if you go here.

Behind Panther Falls.

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