Atikaki Provincial Park – Aikens Lake 2000

Trip Dates: Tuesday, June 13, 2000 to Sunday, June 18, 2000
Total Trip Distance (km): 96.5
Difficulty Notes: This is a remote trip, completely off the grid. You are on your own as soon as you paddle out of Siderock Lake.
Lakes Traveled: Wallace, Siderock, Obukowin, Carroll, Aikens, Kostek, Leaf, Wallace

2 thoughts on Atikaki Provincial Park – Aikens Lake 2000

  1. Great adventure. I’m sure a lot easier to read than to live though. Very well done. Extremely vivid details bringing the reader with you on your canoe trip.

    • Hey Frank – glad to see you managed to get to the content. 🙂 Yes, much easier to read than live through! But I’m glad I did. Adventures are like that aren’t they? Always more fun afterwards.

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