Welcome to Explor8ion!


Hey folks - welcome to my tiny little corner of the internet. This web site is mainly an online journal of my hiking, backpacking, climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, camping, biking and canoeing activities. Every once in a while I go off on some tangent or another just to keep things interesting.


The trip reports are pretty standard with basic stats, stories and photos. Older trip reports will have to be fixed up because the JavaScript I used from 1999-2003 doesn't work anymore with the new site tech. Thankfully I didn't go out very much back then so I should be able to eventually fix up those reports.


I've tried making the site simple to navigate and explore - unlike many parts of my beloved Rockies. Tags are the most useful thing on the site. All content has tags and the tags are clickable. If you see a tag for "Highwood Pass" on a TR, simply click the tag to get all my "Highwood Pass" area content including blogs, articles, photos and trip reports. I've also tried to make the two summary report pages a bit more useful. The summit log is simple - a list in reverse chronological order of all my summits. The trips log can be sorted by different criteria and I'm going to add some more to it over time (i.e. it would be nice to show only peaks over a certain height or only peaks with certain tags etc).


Feel free to leave feedback - in order to leave comments you have to register or enter annoying captcha's in order to stop spammers from wrecking this site like they were busy doing with my previous one. (I get around 20-50 spam messages per day that make it through the captcha's that I have set up!)


This site is my personal journal - there is nothing on here that you should necessarily agree with or follow. It's part of my life journey and exists as much for me to remember my many trips as for you to gain inspiration from them. As always - be safe and see you sometime in the hills or on the water.


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