Rockbound Lake


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Saturday, February 9, 2008
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Trip Report

Trip Report

Jason Wilcox and I skied the 8km fire road up to Rockbound Lake in Banff National Park in bitterly cold Canadian winter temperatures. Despite literally freezing my ears on the fast and wild ride back down the road it was a great day out getting some fresh air and some exercise. We could some avalanches coming down above the lake so it wasn't a good day to be skiing high in the back country. Temperature in the parking lot in the morning was around -26C.

It ain't cold out here! (Skiing uphill for 8km helps...)

One of the only avi slopes we traversed underneath. This trip is pretty safe from objective hazards in the winter.

Getting closer to the first lake.

JW fooling around with a tree. Don't ask... Sometimes you have to create your own entertainment.
The hardest part of the day is just ahead - the headwall just before Rockbound Lake.
Told you it was hard! Very steep here. Fun coming down though. Especially the JW style - straight down!
This is the fun part on the way down. Especially if you avoid turning.

JW approaches the lake.

Taking a break before heading back down.
Always interesting scenery around Rockbound Lake. The black and yellow cliffs are the highlight.

I like how the dark cliff and trees contrast with the bright snow.

The cliffs remain colorful even in the bright winter atmosphere.

A few more peacefull moments before Vern starts freezing his a_se off and begs for a run back down to the pl.

Going home.

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