Window Mountain


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Friday, September 3, 2004
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Descending from Allison to Window is tricky, as is a descent on the ridge just before gaining Window's summit. Loose and very exposed sections.

Trip Report

After quickly bagging Allison it was time to beat the approaching storm up and down Window Mountain. On hindsight doing the exposed and loose traverse from Allison to Window Mountain in a rush was not the best idea I've ever had - but oh well! 


This is after a quick dash to Allison Peak and we've just descended the crux to Window. 
[This is after a quick dash to Allison Peak and we've just descended the crux to Window.]

Another shot of the tricky downclimb. Very exposed and loose. 
[Another shot of the tricky down climb. Very exposed and loose.]

Part of our route down the crux to Window Mtn. 
[Part of our route down the crux to Window.]

Jon coming down the second tricky downclimb just before Window Mtn. summit. Rocks were very loose here. 
[Jon coming down the second tricky down climb just before the Window Mountain summit. Rocks were very loose here.]


The initial route off of the high point between Allison and Window was very steep and loose. This is probably the crux, although a steep, loose crack just before the summit of Window isn't without its difficulties either. We actually didn't think much of the route until we came to a small cliff band that we had to follow right until we found a way through - then we looked back and realized what we had just down climbed. Not the hardest scrambling I've ever done but a slip would not have had happy consequences.


A bit further along the ridge, just before the summit of Window Mountain there is a steep loose crack that you have to be very careful on. It seems like everything you try to hold onto is either loose or looser! Once gaining the summit it's an easy trek to the window and then steep scree off the mountain.


[Part of the traverse to Window - we descended the crux wall on the left.]

[A view of the ridge to Window from Allison - we descended from the right side of this photo.]

[Summit of Window]

[Over the window! (With our route down the crux marked in red)]

[View of Crowsnest Mountain through the window.]

[Seven Sisters and Crowsnest Mountain to the left of the window with our route down beside it marked in red.]

[The roof of the window - we went over this.]

[View slightly to the right of the route down from the window.]

[Cliffs on Ward seen on the descent from Window.]


We made our way over the intervening clear cut ridge to our left to intersect our road from the way up. No difficulties there except a surprise visit with a cow and calf moose.


[Heading back to the road and our Ward approach.]

[Window (L) and Ward (R) from the way back.]

[A resident of the area startles us on the way back. The bad part was the calf that isn't in this picture!]


If you're confident of your scrambling abilities and the weather is good, you should definitely try the traverse from Allison to Window Mountain. 

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