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Saturday, June 3, 2006
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Class 3 : you fall, you break your leg
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Steep, loose gully to the summit can be problematic with snow, ice or large groups.

Trip Report

On Saturday, June 3 2006, Raf, Jason, Wietse and I climbed Mount Weed along the Icefields Parkway. Even though Kane doesn't recommend this peak until late July we felt that it would be doable in the current dry conditions. It didn't hurt that Sonny climbed it three weeks earlier either... ;-)


Wietse and I were a little tired after a 23km and 1500+ meter outing to Mount Bourgeau the day before! I thought Wietse did excellent - considering this was only his 6th scramble.


[Mount Weed looks intimidating from hwy #93 - we ascended straight up the snow gully on the face seen here.]


There is some route-finding on the lower mountain but if you stick to Kane's instructions or get lucky and find a 'trail' you'll be fine. The creek was pretty high when we went but it still dried out farther upstream and soon we were tramping up beside the two huge boulders mentioned in the guide.


[Mount Patterson provides an impressive view behind us as we ascend Weed. Wietse and I skied up Patterson 6 years after Wietse did his first scramble with me - Mount Bourgeau the day before Weed.]

[Looking down our approach route - pretty straight forward from the road.]

[As you can see, even the lower gully is steep and loose already.]

[Impressive views already and we're not at tree line yet. Caldron at left. These are the boulders that Kane mentions.]

[Looking down Peyto Lake at Jimmy Simpson and Mount Thompson.]

[Still a long way to go after the boulders that Kane mentions - looking up our ascent gully.]


From the boulders you still have a very long ascent. We headed up as much snow as possible until it got too soft and then we headed back onto the scree. The final gully was choked with softening snow so we followed Jason's lead (and Kane's suggestion) and started scrambling up the rock bands and loose scree on climber's right. Wietse finally ran out of gas at the 10,000 foot level and waited for us as Raf, Jason and I tagged the summit.


[The views are incredible, especially in spring with all the snow. ++]

[Wietse is doing great considering this is two days out in a row!]

[The snow was soft, which made step kicking a bit difficult, here JW leads.]

[We bailed off the snow to rock when we could, since it was too soft.]

[The gully steepens dramatically near the top, here the other guys prep for a steeper snow climb.]

[Raf and JW start up behind me while Wietse takes a breather.]

[Raf checks out the incredible views as we near the summit.]

[JW takes the final few steps to the summit of Mount Weed.]

[Taking photos around the summit, this view includes Peyto Lake, Gordon, Thompson, Rhondda, Habel, Caldron, Peyto and probably Collie and Des Poilus in the far background on just right of center.]

[Looking down hwy 93 to Bow Lake with Crowfoot Mountain looming above.]

[The king of the Wapta - Mount Balfour - towers well above Jimmy Simpson Junior.]

[Vern on the summit of Mount Weed.]

[Silverhorn Mountain at right with Clearwater and Kentigern to the left.]

[A closer view over Peyto Lake with Portal Peak in front of Gordon and Thompson to its right.]

[Summit panorama with Mistaya Lake on the left and Waterfowl Lakes at center. ++]


The views were incredible but the wind was very cold and soon we were trying to glissade down the steep slopes. I mean 'attempt' because the snow was so soft we literally couldn't help but sink in it half the time! We still made good time on the descent and soon were back on dry ground and tramping back through the forest.


[JW glissades the steep snow slope - caution is advised!]

[The boyz follow me down.]

[A great day in the hills with friends.]

[A small tarn along the Mistaya River.]

[The always impressive form of Mount Chephren to the north.]

[Looking over the Mistaya River towards Howse Peak, White Pyramid and Chephren.]

[No more snow!]

[JW tries to hitch a ride along #93 - it's around 200m to the car... :)]

[Once we got back at the car everyone toasted me on my 100th summit with a stiff shot of Jagermeister courtesy of Raf - thanks buddy!]


Hi Vern! Always amazed with your postings. In your "pano-summit-2" photo in this album, I believe the lake on LHS is actually Mistaya Lake, not Peyto. Happy scrambling this summer!

Hey Steve! Thanks for the correction - I'm not always known for fact checking my landmark references... :)

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