Redoubt Mountain


Trip Details
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Mountain Subrange: 
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Trip Date: 
Thursday, September 8, 2005
Summit Elevation (m): 
Summit Elevation (ft): 
Total Distance (km): 
Difficulty Notes: 

Moderate scrambling on the Kane route.

Trip Report
The only Kane scramble in the Skoki that was left after 3 days of scrambling was Redoubt Mountain. Jon, Rod and I packed up our camp at Baker Lake early on Thursday morning, September 8 2005 to head for Boulder Pass. We quickly made our way to the pass and while Rod continued on to Halfway Hut, Jon and I dropped out heavy packs and skirted the south shore of Ptarmigan Lake.
We were soon grunting up yet another Skoki scree slope (say that 12 times over) and trying to follow a logical line of cairns up through the cliff bands to the first ridge on Redoubt. For most of the trip Jon was in the lead but on Redoubt I was in turbo mode. The weather didn't look that promising and now that we were finally on the last scramble I really wanted to nail the summit badly. Originally we hadn't planned on bagging Redoubt but since the trip had gone so well it was worth a shot.

[These guys are better scramblers than most!]
We came up the first ridge gasping for air and soon were staring down at the 100+ meters of elevation loss into the bowl under the summit ridge. This was not a pleasant sight but we grunted down it and immediately started up the final ridge. It was sort of depressing to realize we were originally only regaining height we had already climbed but once we hit the fun stuff we soon forget about that. The final 150m of ridge was exciting hands-on scrambling that I would classify as upper moderate to low difficult. The rock was solid in places but you have to be very careful not to pull the occasional loose boulder onto yourself!

[Jon comes up the first ridge]

[Looking to the far ridge that we have to use to access the summit]

[This is why we have to go to the far ridge!]
Eventually we came to the tilted tabletop summit and made our way slowly to the final cairn of our epic Skoki trip. As we shook hands on the summit we both realized that we had set the bar pretty high on this trip and that it would probably be a while before we repeated something like this. At least another year anyway...

[Jon comes up the ridge with Hidden Lake and Richardson in the bg]

[Bident, Quadra and Mount Fay (L to R)]

[Hard to believe that only 72 hours ago we were starting the Kane Skoki scrambles from Hidden Lake. From L to R, Richardson, Pika and Ptarmigan.]

[Looking across the Bow Valley to Temple, Little Temple, Hungabee, Sheol, Haddo, Aberdeen, Lefroy, Victoria, Victoria North, Whyte, Niblock and Piran.]

[Mount Douglas (L) and St. Bride (R)]

[We look a little tired...;)]

[Summit cairn with Lake Louise in the bg]

[Half-way hut is far below!]

[The fun scrambling terrain under the summit.]

[Part of Ptarmigan Lake, Redoubt Lake and Skoki and Fossil Peak]

[Vern on descent]

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