Glasgow, Mount (Elbow Four Peak Traverse)


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Sunday, September 26, 2004
Summit Elevation (m): 
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Most of the traverse is easy to moderate scrambling. This is a long day at high elevation and stable weather / conditions is key. Our descent from Outlaw was difficult scrambling terrain.

Trip Report

On a beautiful September day (26th) Sonny and I headed out to the Elbow Valley to do the Glasgow to Banded Traverse. We intended to leave our bikes at the Glasgow trailhead and then proceed to summit Glasgow, Cornwall, Outlaw and Banded before heading back out via a long valley and walking back up the Little Elbow trail to our bikes. The plan worked fabulously, the only wrinkles coming on the way out. (You can read about that on the Banded page!)


So first we had to get up Mount Glasgow. We promptly ended up on the wrong side of the drainage. We detoured around a ledge in the stream and ended up trying to negotiate the right-hand side ridge. We soon realized that this was no fun and soon entered the creek bed again. From there on the only real problem was the mental game as we struggled up the scree slopes to the final summit block of Glasgow. For some reason I wasn't feeling that great and could only think that this was only the beginning.


[The rocky drainage north of Glasgow leading eventually to east slopes and the north ridge to the summit.]

[Sonny breaks through a very loose easy slope to the north ridge of Glasgow.]


Once I got a bit higher I started feeling better and soon the sun came out and the world looked like a much better place! Sonny joined me at the summit and we both looked at each other and then at the remaining three summits and someone said, "Who's idea was this again?!". We took the obligatory pictures and headed down to the col between Glasgow and Cornwall.


[Sonny follows me up to the summit via the west ridge with gorgeous views opening up now. Romulus in the distance.]

[Looking off the west ridge of Glasgow at the rest of our 14 hour day. Cornwall at right with Outlaw at left.]


[Sonny and Vern are relieved to be on the first summit of the day. I'm not gonna lie - it was a grunt just getting this far!]

[Great views west include (L to R), Opal Peaks with Kananaskis Peak in the far distance with snow. Romulus and Fisher Peak at right.]


There was no real difficulties on the way down Glasgow, only some short cliff bands and some tilted, rubbly slabs - I would say an easy/moderate scramble. Once at the col we had some gorgeous views up Cornwall and back at Glasgow and then it was time to struggle up our second summit of the day.


[Loose terrain descending from Glasgow to Cornwall.]

[Easy scrambling, but loose. Cornwall in the distance.]

[Looking back up Glasgow's south ridge.]

[Glasgow is a gorgeous peak as seen from the Cornwall / Glasgow col.]

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