Eiffel Peak


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Friday, July 24, 2009
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No major difficulties if snow and ice free. Beware of the hiking restrictions due to bear activity in the summer.

Trip Report

On July 24, 2009 I soloed the scramble route up Eiffel Peak in Lake Louise, Banff National Park. Technically there is a hiking restriction of a minimum part of 4 to get in this area but I simple hiked between groups of tourists that were slower than me and figured as long as I stuck with the groups, I'd be fine. There are a LOT of people on the trails in this area in the summer anyway, but you should be aware that there are stiff fines if you are hiking solo.


Eiffel Peak is an easy scramble - I don't know why it's not rated 'easy' but according to me it should be. It's a very pleasant and short day out with a killer view. I will probably repeat this one some day in the fall with my kids - it would be fantastic with lots of larches!


I missed the trail that cuts across the stream on the way up - I actually went down it but didn't think it continued over the stream. You know you have the right trail when you are immediately crossing the stream at a small falls (you hear it from the main trail) and there are small stone steps dug into the slope right off the main trail. I went all the way up to the empty sign post and benches before losing height on my way over to Eiffel's shoulder ridge. The trail is obvious all the way up. The view from the sub-summit is worth the extra 5 minutes because you get a clear view over Wenkchemna Pass.


[A great trail to Larch Valley from the Moraine Lake parking lot.]

[This is where you should cross the stream and continue up a lightly treed ridge onto the shoulder of Eiffel Peak.]

[A cool view of a ground squirrel with Mount Temple rising on the right.]

[Part way up the east ridge of Eiffel, looking back down my ascent route at left and even a glimpse of Moraine Lake at center left with Mount Fay looming above.]

[Looking across the valley of Ten Peaks at the majority of the ten peaks! From R to L, Neptuak, Deltaform, Tuzo, Allen, Perren, Bowlen, Little, Fay. ++]

[Looking southwest towards Wenkchemna Pass with Neptuak and Deltaform on the left.]

[Spectacular views of Eiffel Tower.]

[The Goodsir Towers]

[Sublime views over Paradise Valley. Summits include Wastach, Hungabee, Victoria, Lefroy and Eiffel Tower (L to R). ++]

[Mount Fay is a large, beautiful peak located across the Valley of Ten Peaks.]

[Incredible summit panorama from Deltaform (L) to Hungabee, Victoria, Lefroy (C) and Mount Temple and Moraine Lake (R). ++]

[Mount Vaux is visible in the distance.]

[Mount Temple is still one of my favorite summits out of the almost 500 that I've done.]

[It's a long way down to the beautiful Paradise Valley between Eiffel and Lefroy.]

[Loose rocks on the descent mean you should be aware of parties climbing either above or beneath you.]

[Looking carefully you will spot cairns marking the route behind me and two scramblers high up above.]

[Mount Allen with the infamous 3/4 couloir looking pretty scary in summer conditions.]

[A pleasant hike down the east ridge of Eiffel towards Moraine Lake.]

[Looking back up Eiffel Peak.]

[Where are all the people?! :)


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