Crowsnest Mountain


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Thursday, September 2, 2004
Summit Elevation (m): 
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The chain makes it easier but people have been injured on the steep, loose terrain above it.

Trip Report

Crowsnest Mountain has long been a goal of mine - it just sounded like a lot of fun! It didn't disappoint but like all our scrambles in the first week of September 2004 (six in total) this one was rushed because of thick clouds and rain moving in from the west in the early afternoon hours.


We didn't start up the mountain till 15:30 so we knew we were going to be a bit rushed but since this was our first scramble of the week we knew we could push it a bit. We went hard up to the gully with the chain at the top and had to wait for a guided group to come down the scree. They cautioned us that they had needed a climbing rope above the chain but when we got there we found the route to be quite easy without any further assistance. The chain was not strictly necessary but it's probably saved some people from careening a bit faster then normal down that chute!! ;-)


The trailhead. Note the 'Killer Marmots!'. 
[The trailhead. Note the 'Killer Marmots!'.]

Vern going up. (Jon Pic) 
[Vern heading up on the steep scree trail beneath the chain section. (Jon Pic).]


As we got higher on the mountain it became quite obvious that we were in for a good wind-lashing and some thick cloud cover. We still managed a few minutes on the top but after a few snapshots we headed back down.


Jon on the summit ridge of Crowsnest Mountain. 
[Jon on the summit ridge of Crowsnest Mountain.]

The summit of Crowsnest Mountain. 
[The summit of Crowsnest Mountain.]

Seven Sisters view from summit. 
[Seven Sisters view from summit.]

Nice views from the summit of Crowsnest Mountain. 
[Nice views from the descent of Crowsnest Mountain.]

Jon with Seven Sisters behind him. 
[Jon with the impressive Seven Sisters behind him.]

Going down the chain - useful but not necessary. 
[Going down the chain - useful but not absolutely necessary.]

View to the east off the descent slopes of Crowsnest Mountain. 
[View to the east off the descent slopes of Crowsnest Mountain.]

Vern going down the chain and horsing around of course! (Jon Pic) 
[Vern going down the chain and horsing around on it. (Jon Pic).]


A great scramble that I recommend doing on a nice sunny day so that you have time to enjoy the views from the summit. After all that is part of the point of doing all these summits isn't it?

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