Cory, Mount


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Trip Date: 
Thursday, July 1, 2004
Summit Elevation (m): 
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Difficulty Notes: 

Easy to moderate scrambling, depending on route choice and snow cover.

Trip Report

On Thursday, July 01 I scrambled Mt. Cory with Sonny, Kelly and Dan. We left Calgary around 7am and summitted about 6 hours later in heavy cloud cover.


There's really only one thing you need to know for this scramble and that's to NOT follow the trail more then 10 yards before cutting off of it to the right. Bushwhack your way to the ridge and after a short steep climb you'll be on top of the correct ridge. If you follow the trail you'll end up on a very steep scree slope in a gully and you'll be wishing you were somewhere else as your partner knocks rocks down at you! This is the descent gully and can not be recommended for going up.


[Columbine on the way up.]

[Kelly and Sonny navigate up a short step on the way up the ridge.]

[These trees were scattered over the bottom half of the ridge.]

[Another splash of color on the way up.]

[A panorama looking out of the first col west down the TCH. Cory's peak is in the clouds at the top right of the photo. ++]

[A unique outlier of Cory.]


Because of the undulating ridge you will gain over 5,000 feet of cumulative elevation and in case you're wondering the second summit is about 7 feet higher then the first one and contains the register. When we went we had to down climb a very steep (but short) snow cornice below the first summit - no big deal as long as you control your slip speed.


[Dan going up the final summit slopes. Staying high up is a good option here.]

[Kelly and Sonny on a flatter section of the ridge.]

[Sonny and Kelly high on the ridge to the summit.]

[Kelly and Sonny make their way up the final summit block.]

[A happy group at the first summit.]

[A view across the valley from the summit - the clouds kept photo opportunities low.]

[Mount Edith's north peak. You can clearly see the trail from Cory Pass.]

[Mount Edith's south peak from the summit of Mount Cory.]

[Bagging the 'real' summit - 7ft higher with a register!]

[Sonny climbing back up the steep cornice below the first summit on the way back from the second summit.]

[Mud man beat us to the top. He apparently lives up there and will eat your lunch if you're not careful.]

[Looking back up at the cornice and the second summit from the trip back down. The first summit is out of the frame to the left.]

[Coming down from the summit.]

[Colorful Asters on descent.]

[An idea of what the alternate descent trail looks like after the steep scree slope.]


I would rate this scramble as a moderate based on my previous experience. There were a few places on the ridge where the easiest route was a little bit exposed but definitely nothing serious. Route finding is really not an issue but you are quite committed once your on the ridge so in really nasty weather I would recommend a different objective. All-in-all an excellent and interesting scramble.

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