Cornwall, Mount (Elbow Four Peak Traverse)


Trip Details
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Trip Date: 
Sunday, September 26, 2004
Summit Elevation (m): 
Summit Elevation (ft): 
Elevation Gain (m): 
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Difficulty Notes: 

Most of the traverse is easy to moderate scrambling. This is a long day at high elevation and stable weather / conditions is key. Our descent from Outlaw was difficult scrambling terrain.

Trip Report

After ascending Mount Glasgow we continued down to the col between Glasgow and Mount Cornwall and started ascending the 350m to Cornwall's summit. For some reason this ended up being the second toughest slog of the day. This is the most elevation gain not including the initial 1340m to Glasgow's summit and it really seemed to drain both Sonny and I.


The direct ascent of Cornwall can be seen from the Glasgow / Cornwall col and it looks really really long! The ascent was basically a hike and as soon as I popped out on the summit ridge I got a real burst of energy. The snow only came up to the ridge so we were actually just walking on scree and the glorious views were more than enough to make up for the aches and pains!


We took some summit photos, had a bite to eat and were off to the summit of Outlaw Peak.


[Sonny ascends the easy east face / ridge of Cornwall with Glasgow rising in the background. Nihahi Ridge runs left in the distance.]

[A wonderful day to be scrambling above tree line! Sonny wanders along the summit ridge of Cornwall with views in every direction.]

[Now we're happy!]

[Looking west to the Opal Range with the Kananaskis Peaks covered in snow in the distance.]

[Even King George is visible in the far distance in cloud looming far above the Opal Range in the foreground.]

[Looking back at the easy south ridge of Cornwall as we descend towards Outlaw Peak.]

[Sonny follows the narrow band of snow down the south ridge of Cornwall with Outlaw Peak in the distance - our third peak of the day.]

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