Cave Mountain


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Mountain Subrange: 
Attained Summit?: 
Trip Date: 
Friday, September 5, 2008
Summit Elevation (m): 
Summit Elevation (ft): 
Elevation Gain (m): 
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Quick 'n Easy Rating: 
Class 2 : you fall, you sprain your wrist
Difficulty Notes: 

No difficulties in most conditions - slopes are gentle to the summit.


Trip Report
Unless you paid close attention on your hike into the Assiniboine area via Assiniboine Pass, you will likely never know first hand where Cave Mountain gets its name from. Obviously there are caves somewhere on this hunk of rock, but it's so gently angled from the west that it seems doubtful they are of any substantial quality. Since we knew the name of the mountain before we headed up Assiniboine Pass on our trek into the park, we were actually looking for caves on it's much steeper south and eastern aspects. We spotted more than one deep cave and I wonder how far in they go? Would be interesting to explore but since I'm very claustrophobic you won't catch me attempting that any time soon.

Cave Mountain could just as easily be called 'Bump Mountain' or 'Slog Mountain' or 'Easy Mountain' but 'Cave' has a nicer ring to it - I admit! We didn't encounter any problems at all with the ascent, just the snow made it a bit more work than usual. There are some massive cairns near the top and interestingly enough the biggest cairn is not on the high point. Either that ascent party had more of a whiteout than we did or they just didn't care. Probably the latter.

[Jon heads towards Cave Mountain after completing an ascent of Windy Ridge and Og Mountain earlier in the day.]

[Vern and Hann at the junction between Allenby Pass (bg) and Windy Point Ridge (L).]

[Rod and Jon head for the weakness we spotted on the Northwest end of Cave Mountain.]

[It's a bit of a slog to get up Cave, especially in the dreary weather we had.]

[Cairns mark the way up along the ridge - this mountain is pretty popular]

[Into the grey! The summit slopes are gentle but foreshortened a bit.]

[Jon stands at a giant cairn along the way - the true summit is still up to the right.]

[Jon nears the true summit of Cave]
I'm sure the views are stunning off this mountain but we didn't get very many. The most we managed was a dramatic glimpse of the sheer cliffs on the north side and a few pictures illustrating them.

We descended a drainage system on the west side and rejoined the Og Pass trail after a very mild bushwhack before heading back to the warmth of our cabin. Unless you're a consummate peak-bagger, there are few reasons to ascend Cave Mountain other than to claim that you did it. Of course with nice weather it may be a different story, but then if you've got nice weather why aren't you on something a wee bit grander?


[Rod follows along the impressive east cliff face on Cave Mountain]
[The summit of Cave Mountain. ++]

[Heading back down snowy slopes from the summit looking towards Sunshine Meadows in the far distance.]

[Hiking back to the Naiset Hut with Og Mountain and Windy Point Ridge in the background.]

[This is a cool section of trail, looking back at Rod with Nasswald Peak and Windy Point Ridge in the bg]

[More of the trail, again looking back]

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