Antler Ridge


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Trip Date: 
Wednesday, September 3, 2003
Summit Elevation (m): 
Summit Elevation (ft): 
Difficulty Notes: 

Simple off trail hiking from the Snowbowl Campground along the Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park.

Trip Report

I call the summit on the ridge that connects to Antler Mountain 'Antler Ridge'. We climbed up this ridge from the Snowbowl campground along the Skyline Trail in Jasper National park. To gain the minor summit, simply scramble up the steepish slopes behind the campground and continue up the ridge through several small (and fun!) cliff bands until you can't go any higher without getting into serious terrain.


[Vern and Hanneke come up the lower ridge behind the Snowbowl Campground.]

Views from Antler Ridge are quite spectacular in late afternoon lighting.]

[Looking towards Antler Mountain from the ridge.]

[At the summit of Antler Ridge.]


An interesting and refreshing return route is to go down towards Antler Mountain and then to the east down scree slopes to a little tarn hidden in the high meadows above the Skyline Trail. Trust me. This lake is very cold! We went for a quick dip and my heart must have stopped for a few seconds in the process.


[Trust me. This tarn is VERY cold!]


The return to camp is via the Skyline Trail and a boggy meadow.


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