Anthozoan Mountain


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Trip Date: 
Thursday, September 8, 2005
Summit Elevation (m): 
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Difficulty Notes: 

A moderate scramble, made only slightly more difficult by doing a complete traverse of the summit ridge.

Trip Report
After scrambling Pika Peak earlier in the day on September 6 2005, and then backpacking from the Hidden Lake campground to the Baker Lake campground it was time to traverse Anthozoan Mountain. Before I get into that, I must stress that the bugs at the Hidden Lake camp were terrible, even in early September. This surprised us - we had assumed that a few good frosts would have killed off the mosquitoes, but it didn't. 

[The clouds and snow from the previous day are ancient history as we hike towards Boulder Pass under gorgeously clear and crisp skies.]

[Gorgeous Ptarmigan Lake with Mount Douglas and St. Bride in the background]

[Looking back along the fairly trashed trail towards Mount Redoubt - the very last Kane scramble we'd bag in the Skoki area.]

[Looking back along Baker Lake as we approach our camp site. Ptarmigan looming in the background.]

[Looking down at the Baker Lake outlet that we'd cross to access Anthozoan / Brachiopod from our camp site.]
We didn't originally plan on a full traverse of the mountain. To tell you the truth I was quite surprised by how far apart the Brachiopod and Anthozoan summits are. The two are fairly distinct mountains even though they are part of the same ridge system.
I would certainly NOT recommend doing Anthozoan the way Kane has it pictured in the scrambles book. We tried the side-sloping method from the pass and other than losing elevation needlessly and traversing endless blocks of loose scree and slabby terrain we didn't gain anything over the method I would propose! I would suggest that you first tag the north summit via scree slopes directly from the Brachiopod / Anthozoan col and then traverse the entire length of Anthozoan to tag the true summit. The traverse is moderate at most and is quite pleasant.

[Vern and Rod start off on a good trail from the Baker Lake camp towards Brachiopod (L)]

[Jon and Rod on the traverse into the valley between Heather Ridge (L) and Brachiopod (OOS on the R).]

[Looking up at the north end of Anthozoan's ridge.]

[Mount Temple peeks over Unity Peak]

[Looking down on Heather Ridge from near the summit with Richardson, Pika and Ptarmigan peaking beyond.]

[Mount St. Bride]

[Mount Douglas can apparently be scrambled (difficult).]

[Vern and Jon on the true summit of Anthozoan]

[Jon starts the traverse towards the north summit of Anthozoan with Brachiopod behind and Fossil looming over Brachiopod.]

[Looking back along Anthozoan's summit ridge to the true (south) summit from the north one.]

[Looking back at the west side of Anthozoan as we start up Brachiopod.]
After tagging the true summit I would either bail to the valley below (you'll have to regain height to the Brachiopod col) or go back the way you came. Really I would suggest that you traverse Brachiopod from north to south, go down to the col and then traverse Anthozoan, bagging both of its summits before bailing to the valley and enjoying an easy hike back out.
I enjoyed the views off of Anthozoan and once we figured out that the traverse (on the way back) was the way to go I rather enjoyed this little mountain. I wasn't liking things so much on the way up though! After Anthozoan it was time to take our lesson and do a complete north to south traverse of Brachiopod Mountain.

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