Wawa Ridge


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Attained Summit?: 
Trip Date: 
Saturday, January 28, 2017
Summit Elevation (m): 
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Quick 'n Easy Rating: 
Class 2 : you fall, you sprain your wrist
Difficulty Notes: 

Some avalanche terrain on the east face of the ridge, no dangers on the south ridge.


Trip Report

Saturday, January 28th, 2017 was the perfect day to finally knock the easy and short Wawa Ridge ski tour off my list. This tour was perfect for a day when I didn't feel like something bigger and wanted a solo ski. There's nothing really difficult about it and I could have done it in less than 3 hours return except I tried taking a shortcut up through trees off the approach trail and got hopelessly lost for about 20 minutes or so. How does that happen at a bloody ski resort?! ;)


[A nice sunrise behind me as I skin up.]

[There are more options than you'd think on the way up. I stuck in the lower canyon as much as possible before cutting up to my left to the main skiout.]

[Mount Bourgeau catches a nice sunrise.]

[Looking back over a steep rise in the approach trail, Mount Bourgeau and the Bourgeau Left ice climb visible.]

[Looking back at where I came up (from Middle Canyon) and joined the main ski-out road.]

[I catch up to another group of early rising backcountry enthusiasts on the main ski-out trail now.]

[Looking back at the Wolverine Express chair which I crossed underneath while traversing to the resort area.]

[I tried shortcutting towards the Meadow Park green run for some reason, going climber's right before "Coral Cutoff (109)". This put me in steep, treed terrain and while it was good exercise, it was a bit frustrating to be off course on such an obvious route!]

[Near the top of the Meadow Park run, I cut off to climber's right heading for Wawa Ridge.]


Near the top of the Meadow Park run I saw a few snow boarders who looked like they were headed to Wawa Ridge. They dropped into a small bowl in front of the ridge and I never saw them again, so I'm not sure if they turned back or not. The ridge looked pretty bare from a distance so I wasn't sure why anyone would be keen to ski or board it on this particular day unless like me, they were primarily interested in the exercise and views from the top. I skied across the meadows to the south ridge which I followed up on hard snow to just beneath the summit. Rather than bash up my aging skis on rocks, I boot packed the final few vertical meters to the top of the ridge and enjoyed great views from there.


[Looking back over Meadow Park run (bottom) towards Goat's Eye (L) and Eagle Mountain, Howard Douglas and Lookout (L to R).]

[Looking ahead to Wawa Ridge on the left. ++]

[Looking south as I start up the south ridge. Citadel, Fatigue and Assiniboine at left, Twin Cairns at center and The Monarch at center right. ++]

[I dropped my skis here - I could have bashed my way down on the boards, but why bother? The east face is surprisingly steep on the right side. ++]

[Looking over the lovely Sunshine Meadows to the south towards Mount Assiniboine with Quartz Hill in front and Simpson Ridge, Nestor and Indian Peaks to the right.]

[Plenty of human detritus at the summit of Wawa Ridge.]

[Looking east towards the Sunshine Ski Resort including (L to R), Goat's Eye (Eagle Mountain), Howard Douglas, Lookout, Brewster Rock, Standish. ++]

[Looking south over Sunshine Meadows towards Citadel Pass and Mount Assiniboine. ++]

[Mount Brett and Bourgeau at left with Healy Creek running up in the valley in the foreground and Eagle Mountain at right. ++]

[Massive cairn near the summit.]

[Twin Cairns at left with The Monarch, White, Verendrye, Pharaoh Peak, Healy Pass Peak, Isabelle Peak, Mount Ball and Storm Mountain visible from L to R. ++]

[Cool scenery back at my skis.]

[Two climbers on Bourgeau Left on my return.]


Great photography. I just hiked the ridge for the first time today in the afternoon and it was absolutely amazing. It looks like the left side walking up has an entire ski hill waiting to be made.

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