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Topic "Did anybody ski Berg Lake trail? (1 of 2)" started by Taras K on Mar-06-2007

Topic: Did anybody ski Berg Lake trail? (1 of 2)
Author: Taras K
Date: Tuesday, March 06, 2007 06:15 AM

I'm planning to ski up to Berg Lake via Kinney Lake, crash in Berg Lake Shelter for 2 nights exploring adjacent areas, and ski out on the third day.
Much to my surprise I couldn't find any winter report on this area, which is tremendously popular in the summer. Only a short description in Chic Scott's book comes to my mind.

Has anybody skied this trail? What should I expect there, I mean is route-finding tricky, is there a significant exposure to avalanche prone terrain, should I expect to break the trail on the way to the lake? Any other information much appreciated. There is a scarcity of sources on this route.

Topic: Did anybody ski Berg Lake trail? (2 of 2)
Author: Dave Stephens
Date: Tuesday, March 06, 2007 08:35 AM

It's a fairly popular 5-day outing for people to skin up Mt. Resplendent via Berg Lake and Kinney Lake, but that usually comes in April. If a party has made an early attempt at Resplendent, then your trail would be broken, and perhaps covered up again.

Anyway, in your searching of Berg Lake ski trips, you might want to expand your search to include Resplendent.

Dave Stephens