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Topic "Mount Galwey (1 of 1)" started by Bob Spirko on Jun-27-2004

Topic: Mount Galwey (1 of 1)
Author: Bob Spirko
Date: Sunday, June 27, 2004 07:59 PM

I climbed Mount Galwey five years ago but it's such a great scramble I wanted to do it again, this time photographing the trip.

The trip was straightforward except after the crux. Like before, we had trouble finding the way up, probably because of the irresistible draw of going straight to the window. But left of the window is a chimney that takes you to the summit.

Only one party had signed the register this year, just three days before. Or maybe there was a second party of four girls who simply put a space between the rest of the group and no date. I noticed Chic Scott's name in the first group. The same, I assume, of mountaineering fame (http://www.chicscott.com)

After getting to the hotel I showered and checked for ticks as usual and found none. But four hours later I found one fastened to my ankle. Perhaps I had got it when I brushed against my pack or something. This goes against what I've read, that ticks seek a protected area such the back of the knee, armpit, navel, etc. and take 12 hours to settle in before biting.

Using the prescribed method, I used tweezers from my first aid kit to ease it out without leaving any mouth parts in the skin and hopefully without stressing it to regurgitate into the wound. At the park info centre I ran into a Waterton ambulance attendant. He dismissed the likelihood of getting Lyme disease but suggested I was more likely to get Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Both are potentially fatal however. But my wound, just pinprick, didn't show any sign of swelling or redness so I'm probably fine.