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Topic "Chisel Peak (1 of 4)" started by Scott Berry on Jul-14-2009

Topic: Chisel Peak (1 of 4)
Author: Scott Berry
Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 03:30 PM

Another great climb on the Rockies side of the "Trench" in the East Kootenays.

My son Cameron (14) and I climbed this on June 30.

Have looked at this one for 30 years, so was high time to climb it. from parking area it is 2000" of steep trail through bush to the saddle. This is followed by another 1000 feet of class 2-3 ridge followed by another 1000 feet of class three (some class 4) ridge to summit block. My son was content to stay on the first summit while I bagged the slightly higher one to the North. took about 3 hours up and 2.5 down with about 1.5 hours on the summit. Well worth it and highly recommended.

photos here

Topic: Chisel Peak (2 of 4)
Author: Kerry Vizbar
Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 04:41 PM

Cool telephoto of Assiniboine! We couldn't get that clear of a view of it from Nelson due to the haze....

Topic: Chisel Peak (3 of 4)
Author: Sonny Bou
Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 07:27 PM

Beautiful photos, Scott! Chisel Peak (also called Indian Head Mountain) is another one I'd like to bag in the near future. How is the road up Madias Creek? I did Aeneas a couple of years ago, and the crux of the trip was definitely the drive to the trailhead!

Speaking of trailhead access, I was in Panorama this last weekend and intended to drive up the road to do Paradise Ridge (see Trip #39 in Cameron & Gunn's Hikes Around Invermere) but was dismayed to learn that a commercial operator has prohibited motorized vehicle access from Toby Creek. The only way to drive to the trailhead now is from Bruce Creek on the north side of the ridge. Cameron & Gunn say that "avalanches play havoc" with the road on that side, so conditions there are likely sketchy at best. Maybe I'll try and find out first-hand later this summer (famous last words!).


Topic: Chisel Peak (4 of 4)
Author: Scott Berry
Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 12:44 AM

Hey Sonny,

your right on about the roads. high
clearance, 4 - wheel and narrow wins the day.
I scored on the first two, but not the last.
Should have stopped at the wash out, but
nooooo. Had to rebuild the passage across
the washout and drive the extra 1.5 km. bad
idea. Now I have to either buff the body or
scratch it up some more so it all blends in.
Having drivin those East Kootenay roads since
the early 80's you would think I would know

Nice passage over to Aenas from Chisel. I
think I will combine them the next time.
BTW, I learned that it is actually pronounced
Anus. Didn't know that when I climbed it
about 10 years back. Despite the same, it is
amazing country.

As for Paradise, I have a long and infamous
history with abusing 4x4's in this environ.
I actually had the steering wheel of an old
suburban come off in my hands back when the
old town was still standing.

Anyway, your in luck. The wife and I drove
up to the ridge top and up the ridge
slightly, last summer. We met the off road
operator at the top. he had tourists with
him and couldn't believe his eyes when a I
came driving around an outcrop and emerged
from the clouds. Of course this was up Bruce
creek and of course, I shoudn't be taking my
Sequioa up there.

After parking,we climbed the ridge to
Trafalger. We actually crossed some of the
largest grizz tracks I have seen in a long
long time, high up on the ridge.

There is actually a back episode of
"Mantracker" that takes place in this basin.
The two "city" boys start about half way up
the paradise creek side and have to climb and
cross the ridge and drop down Bruce creek and
out Horsethief creek. I won't give away the
ending, because that would just be mean.

I might try to slip up there next week and
climb Nelson on the 24th(ish),

BTW, had a good look at Jumbo last weekend.
Stayed in the hut with the whole family.
Lots to do up in that region. If anybody is
thinking of climbing Jumbo, Karnak, Cauldron,
etc. I have some good photos.