Bogart Tower (Memorial Lakes)


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Saturday, August 4, 2012
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A fall on the crux would severely injure so take necessary precautions and ensure route is dry.

Trip Report

After scrambling Ribbon Peak, Sonny and I decided that we might as well give Bogart Tower a try since we were in the area anyway! (Sometimes being a peak bagger means a lot of extra work... ;-))


[Bogart Tower rises on climber's left of the headwall between the 2nd and 3rd lakes.]


We made short work of the descent down the headwall of Ribbon Peak and used some handy snow patches to approach the third, and by far the most scenic of the Memorial Lakes. We spent some time at the memorial remembering those who died. After looking at the memorial it was time to bag the peak as the day was getting quite late already.


[Incredible scenery above the 3rd Memorial Lake with Bogart Tower at left and Ribbon Peak at right.]

[The view of the third Memorial Lake with Bogart Tower as seen from the summit of Ribbon Peak - where we were a few hours earlier!]

[Looking towards Bogart Tower and the third lake with Sparrowhawk to the left of the tower and Wind, Allan to the right. ++]

[Incredible views over the memorial cairn and plaque.]


I led up the south ridge and west slopes which were steeper and looser than I was expecting. It may be the fact that we were getting tired but the scrambling seemed upper moderate to both of us. The summit views were actually pretty impressive considering how low it is and the register showed relatively few ascents. I think the first crux probably turns half the folks back who try to get up this loose pile of Rockies rubble!


[Starting up the west slopes of Bogart Tower with the 3rd Memorial Lake already in deep afternoon shadow and Ribbon Peak rising majestically above us.]

[It looks loose!]

[Views to the east over North Ribbon Creek and our exit valley.]

[The scrambling was a bit more 'involved' than I was expecting. Fun, but loose and somewhat exposed in places. Certainly not 'easy'.]

[Looking down the extremely loose south ridge of the tower, down at the 3rd Memorial Lake.]

[Summit view looking southeast at Ribbon Peak  and its headwall.]

[Summit panorama looking north and east with Wind Mountain and Mount Allan on the left. ++]

[Gazing down a few hundred vertical meters to the 2nd Memorial Lake.]

[Great views of Mount Allan's green ridge and Ribbon Peak's curved summit.]

[Wind Mountain has a scramble route which shares most of the Memorial Lakes approach hike.]

[Snow burn from descending the snow patches under the Ribbon Peak headwall!! Ouch!]


After a few minutes on top we headed back. The hike out to the bikes was more than a little dull but the bike ride back to the parking lot was way too much fun!


[Sonny descends the loose ridge of Bogart Tower.]

[Another shot of Sonny descending scrambling terrain on Bogart Tower.]

[Great views straight down the south ridge to the 3rd Memorial Lake.]

[The shadows are lengthening as we descend Bogart Tower past a hard Cinquefoil bush.]

[Don't underestimate this short scramble - it has enough loose sections to require some respect.]

[Descending off the lower south ridge of Bogart Tower.]

[A good view of the south ridge on Bogart Tower from the descent trail down the headwall to the second Memorial Lake.]


I highly recommend this scramble if you're confident on steep, loose Rockies choss. The views of the Memorial Lakes and the surrounding peaks are stunning and it completes a hike to the lakes with a great vista to remember or hang on your wall.

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