Fallen Peak (Sheep Meadow)


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Saturday, November 11, 2017
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Class 2 : you fall, you sprain your wrist
Difficulty Notes: 

With snow it's more difficult. Sticking to the ridge involves a short moderate step, but it's avoidable on easier terrain.


Trip Report

Already on the ascent to the south ridge of Kink Peak, my eyes were turning towards the surprisingly impressive form of Fallen Peak (Sheep Meadow Mountain). Phil, predictably, agreed with me to make it our second objective of the day. After a great ascent of Kink Peak, we found ourselves looking up at the ~250 vertical meter ascent, trying to pick the best line. We decided to stick right on the ridge as long as possible since it was almost snow-free. This plan worked even better than expected. From the col to the summit took us only 45 minutes, including a short, steep, moderate step or two just under the false summit.


[A view towards Fallen Peak from just above the crux on Kink Peak showing our ascent line in red and descent in green.]

[Starting up the north ridge of Fallen. We pretty much stuck right to the ridge on ascent - it's not quite as steep as it looks from here but there is a moderate step or two right at the false summit.]

[Looking back at Kink. Find Raf and Wietse descending the south ridge above the crux cliff band.]

[Phil will likely show up on the next Google Maps with that orange jacket!]

[Note the straight cutlines vanishing off to the east.]

[The true summit is only a short distance from the false one. Thank goodness.]

[Nice late afternoon lighting as we grind up to the summit of Fallen Peak.]


As expected, the views from Fallen Peak made the minimal extra effort (and time) totally worth it. The way we looked at it - we weren't coming all the way back here just for this relatively minor summit. The first Sheep Meadow Peak (Fallen SE2) is accessible from Waiparous Creek and could be done as part of that approach.


[Nice summit views north and west to Kink, Waiparous, Davidson, Astral and Castle Rock (R to L). ++]

[Great views along the "prairie meets mountain" line of the foothills. This is looking south at two more summits of Sheep Meadow Mountain. The distant summit is called "Fallen SE2". Black Rock, Orient Point and other South Ghost peaks visible at distant right. ++]

[It doesn't look like it from this angle, but Kink Peak is higher than the peak at center left.]

[Looking over two more sub peaks of Fallen Peak towards Black Rock in the distance.]

[Looking over Waiparous Creek towards Orient Point (L), Phantom Crag, Saddle Peak and Devil's Head (R).]


After only enjoying the views for a few minutes, Phil and I headed back down. We were hoping to catch up with Wietse and Raf who were now marching their way back to the parking lot. As we descended to the col, we were tempted to shortcut down a snowy bowl on the east side of the col to join up with our approach track from earlier in the day. Something made me pause. I had noted slab buildup earlier on this slope and also on the south ridge of Kink Peak and didn't love it. I knew there wasn't enough snow for a big slide, but you never know. I know from my experience high up on Mount Forbes that even a small snow sluff can do damage. As I was walking on top of the col my suspicions were confirmed. A loud "whumph" was followed by the predictable breakup of snow and slowly building slide of slabs down into the eastern bowl! It was a small slide, but certainly enough to knock a person around. 


[Descending the north ridge. Note the wind loaded slope in shadow just to the right of the col below? That's the slope that cracked and slid.]

[Looking back up the north ridge of Fallen and over the small avalanche that I triggered while walking on top of the ridge.]


The rest of the walk back to the truck was uneventful. We managed to catch up with Wietse and Raf after a few kms and chatted our way back making the time pass fairly quick. Overall I highly recommend this outing for an off-season objective. Considering it only takes about an hour to bag Fallen Peak after doing Kink, I also highly recommend you combine the two and complete an easy twofer.


Beware that there are lots of hunters in the area in the fall. We heard gunshots and were even stopped by a conservation officer on our drive back along 940.


[Following our tracks back.]

[A last glance back at our two peaks in dying light.]

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