Breaker Mountain (Capricorn Lake)


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Mountain Range: 
Mountain Subrange: 
Attained Summit?: 
Trip Date: 
Friday, August 5, 2016
Summit Elevation (m): 
Summit Elevation (ft): 
Elevation Gain (m): 
Round Trip Time: 
Total Distance (km): 
Quick 'n Easy Rating: 
Class 4 : you fall, you are almost dead
Difficulty Notes: 

A very remote off-trail scramble involving high-consequence terrain, route finding and numerous river crossings.

Trip Report

When Rick Collier writes things like the following about any area of the Rockies I sit up and pay close attention;


It is a magnificent adventure that can be done only on skis in the winter or early spring – any other time of the year would turn the ascent route into rushing lakes, streams, and waterfalls; it gets one up high and into some fantastic alpine country.


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I wanted to do this climb with two friends of mine, but it appears the link to your GPX file of the route is broken! It redirects me to your homepage instead.
Would you be able to possibly reupload the file? Would greatly appreciate it.
Also, is near the end of August a good time to do this hike?

Thank you,

Hey Nick - I've fixed the link. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

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