Crown Peak


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Saturday, August 31, 2013
Summit Elevation (m): 
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Difficulty Notes: 

With snow and ice there is some difficulty on the traverse but nothing too extreme.


Trip Report

After enjoying a spectacular summit on Mount Willingdon it was time to head over to two sub peaks (and separate peaks) to the south east of the main summit. These peaks both have unofficial names - Crown Peak and South Tower and should be considered somewhat official, considering that they are some work to attain and well over 100m vertical separates them from each other. What makes them very interesting is that they both measured over 11,000 feet on my GPS with Crown Peak coming in almost 40 feet over! On my calibrated altimeter watch only Crown stayed in the 11,000er club with South Tower falling just short. In the end - who cares? But the views from the summits make both these peaks worth the effort and they even have some short scrambling sections and route finding.


The route up Crown Peak is pretty obvious. Stick to the ridge until encountering anything too difficult and bail to climber's right, traversing small bits of the SW face under the ridge to avoid anything too technical or exposed. The summit contained a register with only a few handful of entries and more spectacular views in all directions - including great views of Willingdon itself.


[Heading up fresh snow / scree on Crown Peak. There was some route finding involved in keeping things moderate scrambling.]

[Approaching Crown Peak with Devon Lakes and Willingdon taking the foreground. ++]

[The other side of the summit ridge, looking over Mount Harris now. ++]

[Eric comes up to the summit of Crown with Willingdon behind.]

[Vern on the summit of Crown Peak]

[The summit register isn't very full! ++]

[Great views from the top. ++]

[Forbes, Lyells, Columbia and other giants show up behind Willingdon. Recondite on the right. ++]

[Balfour looms over the Wapta Icefield]

[Hector with Temple on the left and the Goodsir Towers on the right.]


After enjoying the summit of Crown Peak we began yet another descent to the Crown / South Tower col before plodding up our third peak for the day.


[Descending towards South Tower. ++]

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