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Sunday, May 29, 2016
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Easy hiking on a good trail with markers.

Trip Report

After easily hiking to the top of Mount Baldy near Beauvais Lake in the Castle Wilderness, we turned our attention towards Mount Albert - it's slightly higher neighbor to the southeast. We had lots of great views in between short stints through "dwarf forest" as we followed orange trail markers that were sometimes harder to spot than you'd think based on the fact that they're orange. ;)


[A screenshot of the government map of the Beauvais Lake area with our route in pink - we did it counterclockwise. As you can see there are lots of extension options and even though it's not indicated on this map, there is a signed trail between Baldy and Albert. ++]

[Niko and Kaycie take in the view of Mount Albert from just off the summit of Mount Baldy.]

[The trail enters a "dwarf forest".]

[These short and incredibly strong trees are very well adapted to the hurricane winds the Castle Wilderness Area is famous for.]

[The orange trail markers did help in sections as the trail wasn't well defined everywhere.]

[Mount Gladstone.]

[Niko on the trail.]


The hiking was very pleasant for the most part - getting quite steep to the summit. As expected, the views from Albert were slightly better than from Baldy.


[Kaycie on the trail.]

[The trail was quite well maintained which was a good thing as there were boggy and blow-down sections.]

[There were some fairly wet sections and we gained and lost some height between Baldy and Albert.]

[Larkspur are another flower that's difficult to photograph nicely but I like how this one turned out.]

[Another effort at the Larkspur.]

[Literally carpets of wildflowers!]

[Getting closer to Albert.]

[Three-flowered Aven]

[A classic Castle Wilderness scene with a gnarled, beat down tree in the foreground and mountains in the background, including Table, Syncline and Southfork.]

[The kids escape the tree's grasp.]

[Back on a well-defined trail.]

[Steep hiking near the summit of Albert. ++]

[Almost there!]

[The kids on the summit of Mount Albert. Beauvais Lake just visible at right. ++]

[Sublime views from the summit looking west and north (r). ++]

[Niko enjoys the views which include (l to r), Prairie Bluff, Gladstone and Table with Victoria, Windsor and Castle buried in clouds between. ++]

[A panorama over Mount Backus, Carbondale Hill and Maverick and Ginger Hills. Part of Table at far left. ++]

[Looking over Baldy (l), Beauvais Lake (c) and our exit ridge (r) with Prairie Bluff at far right. ++]

[Looking over a ranch in the foreground to clearing skies over Victoria Peak and Ridge and the north side of Castle Peak. ++]


After enjoying the summit of Mount Albert and having a lunch break out of the wind behind some shrubs, we continued along the ridge on a faint trail - still following orange markers and heading in a southeasterly direction. At the end of summit ridge we dropped down, eventually heading left (northeast) and linking up with the Christy Mines trail which we followed past several small ponds in very pleasant hiking weather.


[Looking back at the summit of Albert from continuing the traverse to the southeast.]

[The way is initially very obvious.]

[Some easy scrambling off the ridge and down into the valley between Piney Point and Albert.]

[Dropping into the valley on loose scree and grass.]

[Looking back up our descent route - note the orange trail marker just visible on the dead tree at center.]

[Following the trail to the crossing of the creek where it joins with the Christy Mines loop.]

[We could have gone around Piney Point Ridge (l) along this trail and past the distant pond, but instead we went the other way - back towards the Cutline Trail.]

[We passed a few nice ponds on the Christy Mines Loop Trail.]


At the Cutline Trail junction, I decided to take it rather than the route Bob took which simply stayed in the valley bottom. I didn't realize it at the time but apparently we could have bagged a third high point for the day in the form of Piney Point - but now we have a good reason to go back so no big deal. ;) We followed the Piney Point trail back to the truck to complete a very pleasant hiking loop.


[Nearing the end of the Cutline Trail where it junctions with the Piney Point Trail. ++]

[Mount Albert from the Piney Point trail. Windsor, Castle and Gladstone visible in the distance at left. ++]

[Telephoto of Windsor, Castle and Gladstone (l to r).]

[Nice views over Beauvais Lake from the Piney Point Trail.]

[Dropping down towards the parking lot on the north end of Piney Point Ridge.]

[Taking a nice break with Mount Albert at left.]

[The Piney Point Trail is very well maintained and a pleasure to hike along.]


This outing reminded me yet again, that the enjoyment I get out of a hike or a peak has nothing to do with the height or the effort required to get there, but rather with the fresh air, chirping birds, green grass blowing in the wind, colorful flowers, blue skies, cold lakes and views for miles. And of course enjoying it with my kids makes it even better.

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