Upper Spray River - Warre Pond


Trip Details
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Trip Date: 
Friday, September 19, 2014 to Sunday, September 21, 2014
Total Distance (km): 
Difficulty Notes: 

Steep bushwhacking once you leave the Spray River Trail to Warre Pond

Trip Report

As part of a father / daughter backpacking trip over the last weekend of summer 2014, I decided it was time to take Kaycie on a real back country adventure instead of front country 'easy' stuff. She was game for something a bit more rustic after our bivy on White Buddha back in May. I had my eye on a trip that Rick Collier did as his first overnight solo in 1985. I was fairly confident that nobody had replicated Rick's trip in the 29 years since he did it and I was intrigued to bivy in a remote area of Banff National Park that I'd never been in before. The trip included backpacking down the Spray River Valley from the Shark / Watridge Lake trail head in Kananaskis Country,  to the Palliser Warden Cabin before bushwhacking and bivying at an unnamed tarn between mounts Vavasour and Warre (Warre Pond). Of course the point of the backpacking and bivying was to ascend the mountains around the small lake and possibly tack on Mount Leval as well. Rick sold the trip as easy / moderate scrambling and light bushwhacking to Warre Pond. I think he slightly oversold some of the ease, perhaps he wrote the trip report many years after doing it! :)


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Any chance there is fish in Warre Pond?

Hey Greg, very little chance. It would have to be a stocked lake at some point and there's no trail up to it and no evidence of there ever being a trail up there. I also didn't notice any fish rising when we were there. That being said, it's big enough that it probably doesn't winter kill (i.e. freeze solid) so if it was ever stocked, it might have fish. 

Thanks Vern!

Looks like you had a great Adventure with your Daughter, but I'm wondering about cutting the travel time by coming in from the Birdwood/Smuts area.
Looks like it might be easier to just drop down into the Spray Valley directly from the East and continue up through the gap you mentioned (The Avalanche gully)to the tarn?
Might need more research before I take this one on.
Thanks a whack.

Thanks! I'm sure that could work, but you'd be gaining / losing a lot of height in the process. It's the difference between hiking on a good (fairly flat) trail and gaining / losing height over the col and possibly bushwhacking your way down to the valley bottom.

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