Don Getty Wildland Provincial Park



Don Getty Wildland Park consists of a number of parcels of land that add ecological integrity to adjacent protected areas in the vicinity of Kananaskis Country. The park contains several important features including Forget-Me-Not Ridge, which provides spectacular views and one of the deepest known caves in Alberta. There are exceptional examples of several well-preserved periglacial features in the park - felsenmeer, stone stripes and stone polygons. These periglacial features are well preserved, with little disturbance from industrial activity and recreational use. The Plateau-Cataract area of the park includes Cataract Creek, one of Alberta's finest walk-in trout fishing streams. - from Alberta Parks.


[Here is a map of the many areas of this park, scattered along the eastern edge of the Rockies from the Ghost River area in the north to the Livingstone area in the south.]