Tuff Puff (Whirly Puff)


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Saturday, June 17, 2017
Summit Elevation (m): 
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Class 2 : you fall, you sprain your wrist
Difficulty Notes: 

No difficulties to the summit of Tuff Puff. Whirly Puff is mostly an off-trail hike if you avoid our ill-advised attempts to Whirlpool.


Trip Report

While on our 15 hour, 2600m+ vertical day traversing from Mount Ernest Ross to Two O'Clock Ridge with Mike Mitchell, there were two other peaks dominating the landscape for most of the day. The first was Elliot Peak to the north, the second was Whirlpool Ridge to the south. Especially from Two O'Clock Peak and onwards to the ridge, I kept looking back at Whirlpool's north bowl which looked to have a very esthetic line going up snow gullies and chimneys to its summit. The more I looked over at it, the more I liked the idea of trying it. The catch was access. Two O'Clock Creek looked fairly choked up lower down and didn't appeal to me. 


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The easy access to Whirlpool Ridge is on the south side of the ridge across from Tuff Puff. Look for a large shale block at the base of the ridge on the east side and scoot up steep, but easy terrain to the summit ridge. The loop back down Whirlpool Ridge is sweet with the only little challenge being the slabs after crossing the flats near the GSC Survey point.

Thanks for the trip report - great pictures,


Hey Don, we wondered if there might be a route up there but thanks to very soft snow and the lateness of the day, we didn't manage to make a real effort of it. I did go back the next day to bag it via the south ridge. Thanks for the feedback!

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