King Edward, Mount


Trip Details
Mountain Range: 
Mountain Subrange: 
Attained Summit?: 
Trip Date: 
Sunday, August 27, 2017 to Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Summit Elevation (m): 
Summit Elevation (ft): 
Elevation Gain (m): 
Round Trip Time: 
Total Distance (km): 
Quick 'n Easy Rating: 
Class 5 : you fall, you are dead
Difficulty Notes: 

Not particularly difficult climbing but a mix of everything alpine. Wild stream crossings, routefinding, glacier travel, snow / ice gullies and low 5th class climbing on loose terrain.


Trip Report
Despite the odds that seemed to be stacked against us, and lingering doubts, Ben and I finally completed our Sisyphean Odyssey to the summit of Mount King Edward on a beautifully clear and pleasant summer day on August 28, 2017. After three attempts, driving a total of approximately 36 hours, hiking 105km and climbing over 6,500m of elevation in pursuit of this peak, it was supremely rewarding to finally stand on the top. Ferenc Jasco joined us in our quest and was a valuable contributor to our eventual success. As any follower of this blog will know by now, Mount King Edward has been a thorn in my side for a few years now. 

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Well done, Vern. I've followed your site a couple years now and saw your first two attempts, so I'm very pleased to hear you finally tackled this one. I don't foresee myself ever following in your footsteps, but I'm happy for you in this huge accomplishment. On to the next one! :)

Thanks Clark. And don't sell yourself short - you never know when you might do the exact same thing some day. wink

Congratulations! What a story! I've been following right from the beginning.
As you so aptly comment as to how the summit block from 1km below looks like a bit insignificant, I find that it's so true that this trip, when condensed into something like Trevor's wonderful ski video, can be made to look a hundred times easier than it really is. Congrats on your fitness and mountaineering skills, not to mention you great skill with the lens.

I for one know that you made the right move as to when you turned back on the previous attempt.

And thank goodness this isn't a real Greek tragedy, where the hero survives all of the adversities thrown at him on the trip, including flat tires, bear-sized porcupines, crevasses, moss covered cliff faces, freeze-dried food, and torrential rivers, only to get run over by the mail man when he gets home -)

Thanks Henry! And LOL about the ending of the story. I guess it's not really over yet is it? ;)

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