Crown Peak (Porcupine Loop)

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I have no idea who named "Crown Peak". I assume it's named in theme with the nearby official "Tiara Peak". If you squint and use your imagination some of the rock outcrops in the area could be tines on a crown but you really have to be imaginative to see that.

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OT - Off-Trail Hiking
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Saturday, May 19, 2018
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"Crown Peak" is probably the most questionable summit that Wietse and I claimed on our fantastic Porcupine Loop ridge scramble on May 19, 2018. I got the name off the Gaia base map I used to plan our trip, which actually had two summits under the "crown" moniker, both a "West" and an "East" - which I definitely think is pushing the limits of random summit naming and claiming! The reason we claimed it is simple. It's a LONG way from the road, it's higher than anything we stood on up to that point and it's distinct enough from its neighboring peaks to justify its own page. Again, YMMV. It's the Internet - we all get an opinion! cheeky


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Class 2 : you fall, you sprain your wrist
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From Porcupine Tower the ridge to Crown Peak West and East is pretty straightforward and easy.