Sunshine Meadows - Mount Assiniboine


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Friday, September 23, 2016
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Class 2 : you fall, you sprain your wrist
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This is a long, difficult hike through remote and rugged terrain but the trail is excellent and the views should keep you entertained enough to forget about your sore shoulders and feet.

Trip Report

Ever since I first backpacked into the Mount Assiniboine area in early September 2008 from Mount Shark, I've wanted to go back in larch season - sometime in the last two weeks of September. I did go back to the area on September 22, 2012 but avoided most of the larches by going in via Settler's Road and Assiniboine Lake before climbing Mount Assiniboine and Lunette Peak from the Hind Hut and returning via the same route. In 2015 I thought I'd be going back and for some reason or another it didn't pan out. In 2016 I was absolutely determined to make the hike and scramble trip work out. When the dust finally settled, it turned out that if I wanted to do this trip I was going to have to do it solo. Such is life. I've done many solo trips over the years and I was OK with it for this one too. I settled on some dates where the weather fx was looking pretty fine and reserved a seat on the earliest departing Sunshine Meadows Bus to save myself 500m of elevation gain and 6.5km of approach distance. Boy, am I glad that I did that!


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As always, an excellent report complete with breathtaking pics. I'll be hiking into Assiniboine next week via Sunshine and out via Mt. Shark and found this report to be extremely useful. It also made me very grateful that I split the hike into Magog Lake into two. (With one night at Porcupine.)

Hey Ken! Glad you liked it and it helped you plan out your trip a bit. I think your experience will be quite a bit different than mine thanks to doing it much earlier in the year. I'm sure you'll have quite a bit of snow on approach still.

I can only repeat what Ken mentioned before. Excellent website, reports and pictures. A great source. All passionate done.
Anyway, I did the Sunshine Meadows - Assiniboine hike, both in and out, in early July this year. Was an awesome hike. However, I find (or found out) it's very sporty/racy to do that hike in (as well as out) in just one day, as outlined in the report. Ok, I hiked up (and down) the dirty and dusty Sunshine Village road as well. Probably that consumed alone a lot of energy before the actual trip even has started. In addition, in early July it was very hot and just sun the whole day. Considering these facts (if they apply) I would rather recommend for an average hiker to allow for a two day hike per each way with overnight stay e.g. at Porcupine. Porcupine has the advantage, there are no fees/permit required and sufficient (chilly) water from nearby creek is available. By the way, I also noticed a relatively fresh bear rotor tilled slope along the trail from Citadel Pass end down to Golden Valley/Porcupine. That spot seems to be beast’s paradise. Fortunately I haven’t seen it.

Thx for the comment Geoffrey. I totally agree that for most folks, two days is much better than one for this approach. You are looking at over 30km with a ton of elevation changes otherwise.

Thanks so much for this info here. Planning on hiking this with my son who is 7 this upcoming summer. We will go out to shark instead of returning. Do you think Porcupine would be the better first night stop? Or OG lake. My son did Berg Lake to put it in to perspective. We made it to Emporer Falls campground in one day, but were both "done like dinner" after that lol. So that would be about peak distance/altitude for us in a day most likely. Any info would be greatly appreciated. We have been looking at staying at the Police Meadows hut as well if possible. Seems its only a short jaunt from Porcupine. Maybe that would be better. Anyways any advise on a mid-way stop for the night en route to Magoc would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Justin, I think you should probably plan on stopping at porcupine on your first night, or Og. The fires last summer may have impacted the area around the Police Meadows hut so make sure you check into that first. Note that even Og will be a 20km day with around 1000 meters of height gain. This is like hiking all the way to Berg Lake in one shot (further than Emperor Falls) and I believe it's more difficult because of the nature of the trail. If I was taking a 7 year old I would likely stay at Howard Douglas on day 1 (easy, short day), Og on day 2 and then get into the Assiniboine area on day 3. Your son seems like a trooper though so he might be OK with a 2 day approach. Remember - if you're not taking the bus to Sunshine Meadows you have to add 500 vertical meters and at least 5km of distance to the start of the trip.

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